Still Safe COD 9 Hacks Undetected

Cod 9 has been out for a while now and we are happy to say that our COD 9 hacks are still undetected by the games anti cheat. This means you can register on our site and download the cheat loader instantly and start playing. Black Ops 2 has already released one DLC pack and another one is scheduled to release later next week, our cheats work well with all DLC packs so you can use them with every update. Check out the images below showing off the scores we recently got while playing a few rounds, that’s right we got 138 kills and we didn’t die once, how amazing is that?
c3GgSIf your getting bored of Black Ops 2 or just want that added advantage we can help, I promise. Once you load up the cheats you can see the enemy anywhere on the map by our ESP. This puts a box around the player showing you his location even when behind an object. See the image below? It shows you how to ESP is displayed to show you each person.
blackops2hackilikecheats1-1024x592When the box is red it means the player is behind an object and you can’t kill him, but when it turns green you can aim and fire or hit your aimbot button and take them down in less than a second. Our BO2 hacks have over 40 features and even comes with a full Black Ops 2 zombie hack that includes god mode, super speed and more. So sign up and become a member now!

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