Black Ops 2 Zombie Hack with God Mode

Black Ops 2 Zombie Hack

We just put a brand new Black ops 2 Zombie Hack with God Mode online. This new hack is amazing and you have to download it now at our main website. You can reach the end level of zombie mode and let all the other users in the game use your cheat when your the host. Let me explain some of the amazing features to you and then post a video and some images.

Black Ops 2 Zombie Cheat

- God Mode: Let’s you and other players never get hurt or die at the hand of the zombies
- Super Speed: Adjust the speed you run from slow to super fast, it’s fully adjustable
- Environment Removal: Remove all fog, smoke, etc and make the map easy to view
- Unlimited Ammo: Don’t reload ever, because you won’t run out of bullets
- Rich Man: Unlimited money so you can open every door, buy any gun and more
- SP & MP: Works for both multiplayer and single player modes
- No Gravity: Turn off gravity so you and the zombies can float

Just to show you how amazing the Black Ops 2 Zombie Hack is check out this video below!

black ops 2 zombie hackblack ops zombie hack

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